Have I Been Approved For A Canadian Visa?

Most government applications have become less of a hassle to go through now that you can conveniently process them online. The same goes for a Kanada visum. Read on below to get more information on how to apply for a Canadian visa and how to tell if you have been approved for one.

Application Process

You can easily search Canada’s official ETA visa website. When you get there, you will need to fill out your personal information, including your passport details. Be thorough when filling up details, and recheck to ensure there aren’t any errors. Once you’ve fulfilled the application form, you will need to pay a fine through a credit card.


How To Know If The Application Process Has Begun

To find out if your application for a Kanada visum has pushed through, check your email to see if you’ve gotten an email on your payment confirmation. This notification is the signal that your application has been initiated. The email usually arrives about 2 hours after you’ve sent the payment.


Have I Been Approved?

By now you should know that there’s a waiting time of up to three days before it’s revealed if you got your visa or not. Officials need ample time to read through the requirements you submitted to see if everything checks out. When they determine that you are an eligible candidate, your approval letter shall be given to you via email. Regular checking of your email is encouraged for applicants after they receive payment confirmation, as approval time generally doesn’t take too long.


Other Things to Note

While applying for a Canadian visa is a breeze, there are still specific points you need to remember. An example is that you should possess a valid passport before applying for a Canadian visa. The passport you own must also be valid for at least half a year by the time you get your visa approved. Inquiries regarding your health and work will also need to be answered. Also, certain countries don’t require any VISA to visit Canada, so be sure to check if your country is part of that list.

Canada is a picturesque country that is also welcoming to tourists. As long as you follow the proper cultural etiquette and carry with you the necessary documents when traveling, then there should be no reason to worry about your trip.