Fusionex: the Lives Behind the Work

Fusionex appeared already in Forbes magazine and IDC, which shows the growing popularity of this IT company. The company also got recognized in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence as a Vendor of Interest. It also received an impressive recommendation form its clients and received awards that prove their commitment to the work they do.  

However, the Fusionex does not stop its excellent management in the work environment. It provides different projects and employee engagement activities to ensure that their workers enjoy a fulfilling life after office hours. Here are some examples of how they show to their employees the importance of life behind work.

  • Healthy Environment For Their Workers

The company treasure the connection it has with its employees. To further bring all Fusionexians together, they make sure that everyone has fun on the annual trips they have. The company conducts different contests and tests to compete with their colleague that will deepen their connection. Aside from that, these events bring a different kind of experience and enjoyment that will improve the employee’s teamwork. It will add good memories and help them put their minds together to achieve their goals.

  • Celebration Is Done Together

The company also celebrated the holidays and birthdays with their colleagues like a company tradition. They also have other fun activities and events like the Bubble Warz 2019 and Friendly Badminton Tournament 2019 to improve their health and camaraderie. It also allows the employees to enjoy a cruise full of laughter, food, and activities to give them quality time.

  • Social Responsibility

The Fusionex makes sure to help others as they strive and grow more. The company made a campaign to bring awareness regarding three high (3H), namely high cholesterol, high blood sugar, and high blood pressure. They also send help or aid for charity runs to help in raising financial assistance for charitable homes. 

Fusionexians make time to have fun with some kids and distributed necessities in some homes for the children. It also funded a free event for creative technology to inspire kids to the beauty and advantages of technology. These activities help the children learn more about IT and also allows the employee to share their knowledge with other people.

By instilling the importance of life outside work to their employee, the Fusionex foster a work environment that is sensitive to the needs of its people.