How to Choose the Right High Shear Mixer

A high shear mixer is used in multiple applications. In an industrial setting, this type of mixer is used to mix components in foods, cosmetics, creams, lotions, and many others. If you want one of your own for business, here is a short guide on how to choose the best high shear mixer for you:

Choose a mixer with high flexibility


With a high shear mixer, you can create mayonnaise, sauces, dips, and dressings. To maximize your investment, you would want a mixer that can accommodate a wide range of products and recipes. Make sure you look for:


  • Ability to switch batches as the volumes grow

  • Consistency in product outcome regardless of volume

  • Capacity to control quality parameters in products

  • Ability to create a wide range of products with different characteristics


Check the supplier’s food safety certifications


Protect your products from possible food contamination which can lead to food-borne illness. To do this, make sure that your supplier has the following:


  • Good food safety record

  • Hygienic mixer design

  • Regular audit on component suppliers

  • Food-grade material only

  • Effective built-in cleaning system for mixers


Consider efficiency


You want a product that does it job but doesn’t rack up the electric bill. When choosing the right high shear mixer for you, look for one that minimizes mixing time without sacrificing quality. A mixer that is energy-efficient will lower your energy consumption but still creates a product that is up to par.


Pick a good solution partner


Aside from choosing the best mixer for your business, you would want to find a solution provider that can give you a full line solution, one which has all parts working optimally. Other than that, find a partner that can customize your mixer for multi-functionality (vacuum heating, grinding, etc.) and predict correct droplet size and mixing durations. 




Taking time to fully consider these factors can help you make the right investment, so feel free to mull it over. With these helpful tips, we hopefully made the decision-making process a whole lot easier for you.