A Discussion on Amazon Enhanced Brand Content

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content is a feature offered by Amazon where Amazon sellers can add enhanced content such as images, different font and text sizes, etc. to their product descriptions. This enhanced brand content is quite useful for both sellers and buyers on Amazon since it can also be used to answer the typical questions that most potential customers ask before purchasing. As a result, by using this enhanced brand content, sellers can easily increase their sales and conversion rate while also reducing their percentage of product returns.


Now, to use the best Amazon A+ content designer service, the sellers need to be brand owners that are registered in Amazon’s brand registry. Once you become a brand owner, then the option to use enhanced brand content (EBC) becomes available. Note that you can only use EBC’s on ASINs that you own and you cannot use it on products that you don’t own the ASIN for. With that said, we’ll now look at the content requirements needed to get started with Amazon EBC.


Once you are a brand registered seller, you won’t be charged a fee to use the enhanced brand content service right now. This is because Amazon is offering it as a promotional free offer for a limited time. At some point, a fee will be required to use this service, so it is best to register for it as soon as possible to take advantage of the promotion. Also, at the moment, you can only submit up to 20 EBC’s for your ASINs. The content will take about two days to get approved, and if there are any issues, you will be issued instructions on what needs to be changed within seven days. You should also keep in mind that currently, you cannot submit any HTML code for your EBCs.

To set up an EBC for a particular product, you will have to choose from a modular template, and there are currently five available. If you don’t want to use any of these templates, then you can create your personalized template by building it with pre-made modules. The five enhanced brand content modules are tulip, sunflower, rose, orchid, and lily. Even though each of the templates is different, the first two modules are all the same, which are the brand’s logo and product description.


As you can expect, there are certain types of content that you cannot post in your EBC. Some of these violations include putting your company contact details, shipping details, boastful comments, customer reviews, talking about your competitors, adding any third party quotes, using copyright images or symbols, warranties, links to other sites, pictures that don’t show the actual product, low-quality images, etc. If any of these violations occur, your EBC will be rejected, and you will have to revise it and re-submit.


If you’re curious as to whether you can place a video in your enhanced brand content, then the answer to this is no. Unfortunately, this feature is not available right now; however, this is a feature that Amazon is working on, and it will likely become available soon.


Even though Amazon EBC is now being rolled out, many sellers on Amazon have found it very useful at increasing the conversion rate on their products. However, like with anything else, you must experiment and do full testing to see what converts the best.


In closing, we have just covered what Amazon enhanced brand content is, how you can get started with it, the benefits, violations, etc. So, be sure to use this information to determine whether it is right for your Amazon business and try it out for yourself.