What Are The Benefits Of A Keyword Rank Checker?

There are many different types of online software that can help a business thrive, and one of those is a keyword rank checker. These pieces of software offer a fast glimpse into the effectiveness of a website and its efforts in the SEO world to get ranked higher. These tools can allow a person to create multiple files of various longtail keywords or “trees” of related keywords and get a solid look at how they rank in Google and Yahoo/Bing (which now for the most part share search results).

This information can be huge in seeing what efforts are working in major ways for minimal effort, while also exposing where a lot of work is being poured into an effort that just isn’t producing the results that you or your team desire. This information can help shift efforts to where they are really going to make a difference and away from areas where more work just isn’t going to move the needle enough.

The benefits of a good keyword rank checker are easy to see in this light. Maybe there are a whole slew of long tail keywords where a website is ranking 11, 12, or 13th. These positions are going to create virtually zero traffic, but even just a minimal effort to move them up to the first page will change that. This is in addition to the additional authority and trust that comes to ranking first page for a large number of search terms.

This information can be extremely valuable not only for looking at your own website, but also for scouting out some of the keywords and areas that your competition is ranking for or verifying their claims about how their SEO program is doing. Anyone can make some wild claims, but the tool gives the black and white truth about the rankings and where the website is actually sitting in the grand scheme of things.

Beware Of Information Overload
The one potential tripping point that you will want to avoid is with information overload. Getting rankings once a month makes a lot of sense in order to check on progress but if you keep going back each day the normal day to day variances will only cause frustration and take up time that should be used on creating new content, marketing, or furthering current SEO efforts.

As long as it is used in moderation, this software can be a powerful tool.