Basics of Legacy Probate Services

The probate process which is that occurring after a person dies when their Will is administered can be confusing. Before this happens, however, another process can be just as confusing. Do you simply have a lawyer draw up a Will or do you engage in legacy planning?

These are topics that a legacy probate attorney can help answer. When planning for an estate, you may have an attorney help draft the Will or Trust. They can help draft advance directives and Powers of Attorney. But, they can also help people when they wish to shape the way that they are remembered after they die.

If they wish to leave a legacy in the form of charitable contributions, this is where the legacy probate attorney can help. They will work with a client to do more than simply prepare a Will or a health directive. They will work with you to create any foundations you may wish to establish.

During the probate procedure, things can be very complex. If you are administering a Will, your attorney can help by ensuring all pleadings are filed with the court. They will also let all creditors know that the estate is being probated.

One of the most important aspects of this process is making sure that all assets are divided as per the Will. If a minor has lost a parent, part of the process will involve finding a legal guardian for them.

Individuals who are involved in the probate process may find it is difficult. With the help of an experienced lawyer, they can get through it with the guidance needed to smooth things along. A good legacy lawyer can help you plan for what you leave behind. That same individual can help when it comes time to administer assets according to a person’s will.