Order Fulfillment Process: What You Need To Know

Order fulfillment services start once the customer places the order up until the time that the customers receive the product. Here’s what you need to know about the process in between.


There Are Steps To Follow Once There Is An Order


When a potential buyer places an order, the process starts to take place. For big companies, there is a series of steps needed for the process to ensue. Here is how the process goes:


  1. The buyer places an order via email, phone, or different applications.
  2. Through another system, the order is input in the back office systems.
  3. The company sends a notification to the customer that ensures the order is complete.
  4. The employee files paperwork and sends the order to the warehouse. The sending may come as part of a large batch or individually. The order form is through an application or email.
  5. A worker is sent to the warehouse and selects the product according to the customer’s preferences.
  6. The warehouse prepares the product for shipping.
  7. The warehouse ships the product.
  8. Another notification will be sent to the customer, informing them that the package is in transit.
  9. The customer receives the item.


Challenges And Difficulties


Difficulties are inevitable in any business and order process. In a wide range of problems, an order fulfillment process may have issues in the long run and here is how to avoid or address them:


Demand Planning


Demand planning is the act of knowing which products are likely to be in demand in the future. In line with this, the company also has to partner it with demand shaping (the act of creating product demand through advertisements, marketing, etc.).


Inventory Management


This strategy saves you from giving false hope to the customers regarding the availability of the product. Inventory management offers you the opportunity to manage and see which products are in stock and which items you can quickly get once the customer places an order.


Supply Chain Execution


In line with the inventory management, the business should know when and how fast an item can be in stock once it runs out. Take note of the time and means of transportation. Taking note will give an estimate as to how long the customer has to wait.




Taking note of logistics gives you the critical details: how long will it take? Will they handle the item carefully?


Overcoming Bumps In The Process And Speeding Things Up


To speed things up, take not of the following plans and how you can ensure quality fulfillment process:


  1. Identify and take note of the inventory.
  2. Use technological systems to organize operations further.
  3. Use technology wisely.


Take note and find an excellent order fulfillment services for you!