Top 3 Home Security Cameras in Phoenix, AZ

Burglary is no joke.

It is an unlawful entry of unwanted people inside a residential, commercial, or business building with intentions of committing a crime. In the US alone, Alaska and New Mexico are the states that rank the highest burglary cases. In the world, Chile holds the record of having the most burglary cases. That is why it is imperative for households all over to have security systems for peace of mind.


Traditional security will always be there. But a house equipped with an advanced security system would be perfect! Features such as the capability to notify owners thru email or text alerts, or remotely arm or disarm the warning signals should be the vision of the future. Having a system with excellent videos is an added edge for these systems.


Below are the top home security devices that are highly sought by security companies Phoenix, AZ and the whole country as well.


Arlo Pro 2


The Arlo Pro 2 outdoor security camera is considered one of the best in the industry. It is completely wireless and weatherproof! You can place it anywhere in the vicinity of your home. You can mount them on the walls or at the gates. It has a very detailed, high-quality video (1080p). It runs on batteries, and it can run on voice command! The video recording is continuous and has access to cloud storage. The only downside of this device is that it’s quite expensive.


Momentum Knok Wifi Video Doorbell


It is the newest among the home security cameras available in the market these days. It has multiple cameras, and it has a 130o  wide-angle view. You can also access this camera via your mobile phone. It also can show clearer videos even during night time. It is unbelievably affordable and can be purchased online.


Wyze Cam Pan


It is an indoor camera that can scan a whole room in just three seconds! It is also highly customizable. You can assign the camera’s motion tracking function to check for anything irregular in its scope. It has a 360o coverage for panning & scanning the area. It has cloud storage and smart motion tracking. It is also very affordable! The downside of this device is the wired power cord, so very little or no mobility at all.